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The Era of Artificial Intelligence – The Need for a Paradigm Shift in the INSS System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous sectors, bringing about significant transformations. However, concerns have arisen over the AI system adopted by the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) in Brazil. This article will delve into the issues and the reasons behind the demand for change, while exploring potential solutions.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction(#Introduction)
2. The INSS AI System: An Overview(#The-INSS-AI-System:-An-Overview)
3. Issues with the Current INSS AI System(#Issues-with-the-Current-INSS-AI-System)
4. The Call for Change: A Closer Look(#The-Call-for-Change:-A-Closer-Look)
5. The Role of the Public Defender’s Office(#The-Role-of-the-Public-Defender’s-Office)
6. Proposed Changes to the AI System(#Proposed-Changes-to-the-AI-System)
7. The Impact of These Changes(#The-Impact-of-These-Changes)
8. Other Countries’ Approach to AI in Social Security(#Other-Countries’-Approach-to-AI-in-Social-Security)
9. Conclusion(#Conclusion)
10. References(#References)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated virtually every sector, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and transforming the way businesses operate. However, the implementation of AI is not without its challenges, particularly when it involves sensitive areas such as social security. This is evident in Brazil, where the AI system of the INSS has come under scrutiny.

The INSS AI System: An Overview

The INSS implemented an AI system with a view to modernize and streamline its operations. However, the system has been fraught with issues, leading to a call for changes to its AI.

Issues with the Current INSS AI System

The current AI system of the INSS has faced a considerable amount of criticism. The primary concern is that the AI system often makes decisions that negatively impact the beneficiaries of social security. This has led to widespread dissatisfaction and calls for a review of the system.

The Call for Change: A Closer Look

The need for change has been emphasized by various sectors. Many believe that the AI system should be redesigned to be more transparent and fair.

The Role of the Public Defender’s Office

The Public Defender’s Office, a key player in this scenario, has been instrumental in pushing for changes to the INSS AI system. The office has maintained that the current system lacks transparency and fairness.

Proposed Changes to the AI System

Several changes have been proposed to the AI system, including increasing transparency and making the system more user-friendly. It is hoped that these changes will make the AI system more effective in serving the interests of the beneficiaries.

The Impact of These Changes

The proposed changes to the AI system are likely to have a significant impact. It is anticipated that the changes will lead to an improvement in the quality of service provided by the INSS and enhance the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

Other Countries’ Approach to AI in Social Security

An examination of the approach of other countries to AI in social security could offer valuable insights. Many countries have successfully implemented AI in their social security systems while ensuring transparency and fairness.


While AI has the potential to revolutionize sectors such as social security, its implementation must be done with caution. The experience of the INSS underscores the importance of ensuring that AI systems are transparent, fair, and ultimately serve the best interests of the people they are designed to help.


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> ‘Artificial Intelligence has the potential to fundamentally reshape our world. But we must ensure that this technology is used responsibly and ethically.’ – Quote by Renowned AI Expert