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Artificial Intelligence in Social Security – Crucial Adjustments Required

In the contemporary era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making significant strides in various sectors, including social security. However, it’s important to ensure that the technology is optimized for accuracy and fairness. This article will delve into the demand for changes in AI systems deployed by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) in Brazil.

Introduction to AI in Social Security

AI, a technology that learns and mimics human intelligence, has been leveraged to streamline tasks in social security. This revolutionary technology holds the promise of improving efficiency and reducing manual effort, but is not without its challenges.

The INSS AI System

The INSS has implemented an AI system designed to predict the probability of granting social benefits to applicants. However, the Public Defender’s Office (DPU) has identified potential issues and demanded modifications.

DPU’s Concerns

The DPU has raised concerns about the AI system’s transparency, accuracy, and its potential to infringe on citizens’ rights. They argue that the AI’s decision-making process should be comprehensible and accessible to human users.

Potential Amendments

The suggested amendments include increasing the transparency of the AI algorithms, improving the accuracy of the AI predictions, and ensuring the AI system adheres to legal and ethical standards. The DPU also proposes setting up a committee to oversee the AI system’s operations.

The Role of Transparency

For AI to be trusted, it must be transparent. This requires clear documentation of the AI system’s decision-making process and reasoning.

Accuracy and Fairness

Accuracy in AI predictions is critical. In the context of social security, inaccurate predictions could lead to unjust denial of benefits. Likewise, the AI system should be unbiased and treat all citizens fairly.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

The AI system should comply with legal standards and respect citizens’ rights. It’s important to ensure that the AI system does not lead to discriminatory practices.

The Oversight Committee

Establishing an oversight committee would ensure that the AI system is monitored regularly. This committee would be responsible for reviewing and approving any changes to the AI system.


While AI has great potential to improve social security, it’s essential to make necessary modifications to ensure its effective and fair operation. The proposed changes by the DPU serve as a guide for optimizing the AI system used by the INSS.

> ‘AI is a powerful tool, but it must be wielded with care and respect for the rights of all citizens.’ – Anonymous

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